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We’re a Brokerage of highly qualified Realtors and Teams providing residential realty
services throughout the great State of California.


Big Block Realty

Our team headquarters is located in Sacramento. The team itself is scattered through out Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado and Yolo Counties.



Our vision is to be the most client centric real estate organization. To build an environment where people entrust us with their time and homes. To have our clients continue to come back to us for real estate related advice through their lifetime. The talent and passion of our people are critical to our success.


Our Mission is in facilitating the process of buying and selling real estate, yet providing the very best service in the business through quality communication and a clear understanding of the current real estate market. Our positive team environment allows for growth through innovation and collaboration with other high producing real estate professionals across the world, and our success comes from our consistency through mastering exemplary habits and the passion we share for for service to others. Above all we expect to be a credit to the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our customers, and to continue keeping peoples hopes and dreams alive through Real Estate.



Our belief is that by providing extraordinary customer service, expertise of
the real estate market, and the negotiation skills of a samurai, we can
grow into the leading providers for California’s real estate services.

Why Join Us?



We have inside sales agents contacting leads and setting appointments for agents on our team. The ISAs will also help with follow up and nurturing.



Brand new agents have gone from making $0 dollars to making over $150,000 in 9 months. Some of our top producers have come from large firms - where they struggled. They thrive with us because of our systems and collaborative environment.



We teach our systems and process to the real estate industry. We believe in full transparency and sharing our model so that you can replicate our success in your real estate business.




Suneet's connections to the TOP real estate tech companies allows us to leverage the latest tools, apps, websites for our agents and for our clients. Using Tech technology to convert more business has allowed us to not only be more successful but also has given us free time to enjoy doing other things besides real estate.



We strive to give the best experience to our clients and to our agents. We believe in training agents to work on their strengths rather than “a set” way of doing business. Everyone is different and we acknowledge that by focusing on agents strengths which translates into agents growing faster in the real estate world and enhances pride in helping out clients.



Our vision of every agent coming into our team is for them to stay long term and grow in the team for many years. Some agents though, have used us to create teams and brokerages of their own, our systems and process have created the base for agents to succeed at an incredibly high level.

What Our Agents Say

april casey.JPG

Apryl Casey

I am extremely happy that I made the decision to join Suneet's team.  In 2016 I had funded only 4 deals on my own. I was hesitant to make a change, switch Brokers, and rebrand my business as a Realtor.  I took a leap of faith and joined Suneet's team in February of 2017.  By March I had 4 deals in contract, because of the leads and systems that Suneet provides.  

I was amazed at the increase in my production and the quality leads provided.  In 2017 I closed a total of 17 deals, over a 300% increase in my production. I could not have done that without the support and guidance from Suneet. Suneet is not just your typical Real Estate team leader.  He is easy to talk to, has a mellow disposition, and doesn't make a big deal or get stressed out about Real Estate.  He sincerely cares about all the members on our team, and is a friend.  I would highly recommend joining our team!


Dalton Bird

I started in Real Estate about 8 months ago and to be honest, I had a trainer that didn't really help.. I had open houses with not much feedback because I wasn't taught how to talk to clients/leads at opens. Day one of working with the team we met at a vacant house and went through HOW to talk to people at opens. 

Every day the team goes over best practices that not only help with work/success but with my personal life as well! This is a killer team and i am very grateful for both Suneet Agarwal and Dan Herbert for their hard work in making me a killer Agent.


Dan Hebert

The value I have gotten from Suneet since joining the Best Sac Homes Group far exceeded my expectations. I am convinced there is no other team that provides as many tools and systems to put myself and other team members in a position to succeed and close more deals.


Meet Suneet


Whether buying or selling – or both – Suneet attributes his success with so many satisfied clients to three key qualities that are the pillars of his personal brand: Deep experience in business, finance and marketing; honest and open communications; and sheer tenacity. Pair that with 110 percent availability and watch things happen. 


Suneet credits his parents with the values instilled in him. Born in Yuba City, CA to Indian parents, he studied at a private school before going on to undertake a degree in Business Information Systems at California State University, Chico. He was a top producing loan officer and manager at SB Financial Mortgage prior to moving to the real estate agent side of the business.

Suneet manages a teams of residential agents. Additionally, Suneet is a moderator for the largest Facebook group for Realtors, Lab Coat Agents. He lives with his wife Christine and daughter in Sacramento.